Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat تحفۃ المنظور اردو شرح مرقات Free pdf Download

Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat 

“Explore ‘Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat,’ a comprehensive commentary simplifying Islamic jurisprudence. Accessible in Urdu, it’s your key to understanding Al-Mirqat. Unlock the depths of Islamic legal principles today!”

Basic Details

Book name:Al Mirqat المرقاۃ (Urdu)
Class of:Darja Salesa (3rd year) سال سوم | درجہ ثالثہ
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:4.3MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
Uploaded By:pdfbook.online

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Introduction of Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat

” Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat” is a precious and comprehensive Urdu commentary on” Al- Mirqat,” a famed Islamic jurisprudential textbook. This commentary serves as an essential resource for scholars, scholars, and anyone interested in heightening their understanding of Islamic justice. In this overview, we will explore what this book is, its crucial features, and its significance in education and society.

Meaning and Purpose

” Tohfat ul Mazoor” means” A Gift for the Ignorant,” and it aptly summarizes the book’s end. It’s designed to make the intricate and frequently complex generalities of Islamic justice accessible to a wide followership, anyhow of their previous knowledge. This book aims to simplify and clarify the principles of Islamic justice, making them scrutable to all.

crucial Book Features

1. Comprehensive Commentary” Tohfat ul Mazoor” offers an expansive commentary on” Al- Mirqat,” expounding its intricate legal rulings and principles. It simplifies the textbook, furnishing explanations and environment to help compendiums grasp the content.

2. Language Accessibility The book is written in Urdu, icing that a broader followership, particularly those who may not be well- clued in Arabic, can profit from its training.

3. Clarity and Structure The book is structured in a clear and systematized manner, with a focus on presenting information in a logical sequence, making it easy for compendiums to follow and understand.

Advantages of PDF Format

The vacuity of” Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat” in PDF format offers several benefits
1. Availability PDF format ensures that the book can be fluently penetrated and downloaded online, making it available to a global followership.

2. Portability PDFs can be read on colorful bias, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, allowing compendiums to study the book accessibly at their own pace.

3. Searchability PDFs are searchable, enabling druggies to snappily detect specific content or motifs within the book, enhancing the overall literacy experience.

Understanding the Book’s pivotal Features

” Tohfat ul Mazoor” boasts the following pivotal features that set it piecemeal
1. Simplified Legal generalities The book simplifies complex legal generalities, making Islamic justice more approachable for scholars at all situations of understanding.

2. Detailed Explanations It provides in- depth explanations of legal rulings and principles, icing that compendiums gain a profound appreciation of the subject matter.

3. Practical Applicability The book connects theoretical knowledge to practical operations, making it an inestimable resource for individualities seeking to apply Islamic justice in their diurnal lives.

How Will scholars profit from This Bespeak?

scholars studying Islamic justice will find” Tohfat ul Mazoor” to be a precious aid in their literacy trip. It offers
1. Clarity Clear explanations help scholars grasp complex legal generalities with ease.

2. Availability Written in Urdu, it caters to a wider followership, including those with limited Arabic proficiency.

3. Comprehensive Coverage The book covers a wide range of legal motifs, making it an each- encompassing resource for scholars.

Its Benefit in Society

The wider dispersion and understanding of Islamic justice through” Tohfat ul Mazoor” have several positive impacts on society
1. Legal mindfulness It helps individualities more understand Islamic legal principles, fostering a law- abiding and ethical society.

2. Religious knowledge The book enhances religious knowledge, promoting a deeper connection to Islamic training and values.

3. Promoting Justice A society well- clued in Islamic justice is better equipped to apportion justice and resolve controversies in agreement with Islamic principles.

Reason for Addition in Syllabus

” Addition of’ Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat’ in educational classes is imperative due to its part in
1. Broadening Knowledge It provides scholars with a solid foundation in Islamic justice, contributing to their overall education and character development.

2. Artistic and Religious Preservation Addition in the syllabus helps save and pass on Islamic legal heritage to unborn generations.

3. Moral and Ethical Education The book instills strong moral and ethical values, preparing scholars to be responsible and conscientious members of society.”


” Tohfat ul Mazoor Urdu Sharh Al Mirqat” is a precious resource that simplifies Islamic justice, making it accessible to a wider followership. Its presence in PDF format ensures easy access, while its addition in educational classes and society promotes knowledge, justice, and ethical values. This book stands as a gift of enlightenment for those seeking a deeper understanding of Islamic justice.

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