Tayseer ul Mantiq تیسیر المنطق Urdu Free pdf Download

Tayseer ul Mantiq تیسیر المنطق

“Discover the essence of logical reasoning in Islamic philosophy with ‘Tayseer ul Mantiq تیسیر المنطق’. Allama Majlisi’s timeless work simplifies complex concepts in a humanized tone. Explore the intersection of faith and reason today.”

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Book name:Tayseer ul Mantiq تیسیر المنطق
Class of:Darja sania (2nd year) درجہ ثانیہ
No of volumes:01
Pdf size:06MB
Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
Maktaba:AL- Bushara
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Tayseer ul Mantiq, restated as” The Simplification of Logic,” is a foundational textbook in the world of Islamic gospel and sense. This comprehensive work, firstly penned by the famed Persian champion and theologian, Allama Muhammad Taqi al- Majlisi( also known as Allama Majlisi), serves as a vital resource for scholars and scholars seeking to explore the complications of logical logic within an Islamic environment.

unleashing the mystifications of Logic

At its core, Tayseer ul Mantiq aims to clarify the complex world of sense. It does so by breaking down intricate generalities into digestible factors, allowing compendiums to grasp the abecedarian principles of logical logic. Whether you are a pupil new to the subject or a seasoned scholar looking to refresh your knowledge, Tayseer ul Mantiq is a precious resource that caters to a different followership.

A Humanized Approach to Logic

One of the name features of Tayseer ul Mantiq is its humanized tone. Allama Majlisi’s jotting style is accessible and relatable, making it easier for compendiums to connect with the subject matter. Unlike some other academic textbooks, Tayseer ul Mantiq avoids thick slang and sophisticated language, icing that indeed those without a background in gospel can follow on and profit from its training.

Applicability in Contemporary Times

While Tayseer ul Mantiq is deeply embedded in Islamic tradition, its training aren’t limited to the history. In moment’s world, where critical thinking and logical logic are essential chops, this textbook remains largely applicable. It equips compendiums with the tools to suppose analytically, make sound arguments, and engage in rational converse — a skill set that transcends artistic and religious boundaries.

A Bridge Between Faith and Reason

For those interested in exploring the crossroad of faith and reason, Tayseer ul Mantiq offers precious perceptivity. It demonstrates how Islamic gospel embraces a rational approach while maintaining a strong connection to theological principles. This harmonious blending of faith and reason is a testament to the uproariousness and depth of Islamic intellectual tradition.


Tayseer ul Mantiq isn’t just a book; it’s a trip into the world of sense made accessible to all. Its humanized tone, practical approach, and enduring applicability make it a must- read for anyone seeking to enhance their logical logic chops within an Islamic frame. Whether you are a pupil, scholar, or simply curious about the fascinating world of gospel, Tayseer ul Mantiq provides an inestimable roadmap to understanding and learning the art of sense in a truly humanized manner.

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