Hidayat un Nahw ہدایۃ النحو Free pdf Download

Hidayat un Nahw ہدایۃ النحو

Discover the Power of Arabic Grammar with (Hidayat un Nahw ہدایۃ النحو). Your comprehensive guide to mastering Arabic grammar – unlock the language’s beauty today!

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Book name:Hidayat un Nahw ہدایۃ النحو
Class of:Darja sania (2nd year) درجہ ثانیہ
No of volumes:01
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Category:Islamic books
syllabus of:Tanzeem-mul-madaris
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Hidayat un Nahw, frequently appertained to as” ہدایۃ النحو” in Arabic script, is an essential work in the field of Arabic alphabet. This comprehensive companion serves as a lamp for those seeking to unravel the complications of the Arabic language, offering both a practical and scholarly approach. In this overview, we will claw into the significance of Hidayat un Nahw, its structure, and how it can be an inestimable resource for Arabic learners and suckers likewise.

The Significance of Hidayat un Nahw

Hidayat un Nahw, penned by famed linguist and scholar, Shaykh Siraj- ud- Din Ali Khan, holds a special place in the world of Arabic alphabet. Its significance lies in its capability to bridge the gap between neophyte learners and the complications of Arabic alphabet. This dateless textbook provides a clear and structured pathway for understanding the rules and principles governing the Arabic language, making it an necessary resource for anyone wishing to master this rich and suggestive language.

Structure and Content

The structure of Hidayat un Nahw is designed with a keen understanding of pedagogy, feeding to both newcomers and those with a more advanced understanding of Arabic alphabet. The book is divided into chapters, each fastening on a specific aspect of alphabet. motifs covered include

1. Nouns and Pronouns: Hidayat un Nahw elucidates the colorful forms and functions of nouns and pronouns in Arabic, furnishing clarity on gender, number, and case.

2. Verbs and Conjugations: The book attendants compendiums through the intricate world of Arabic verbs, detailing their conjugations, tenses, and moods.

3. Syntax and judgment Structure: Understanding Arabic judgment structure is made accessible through clear explanations and practical exemplifications.

4. Rules of Agreement and Disagreement: The book highlights the rules governing agreement and disagreement between different rudiments within rulings, icing delicacy in communication.

5. Common Grammatical risks: Hidayat un Nahw also addresses common miscalculations and risks, helping learners avoid crimes and misconstructions.

A Humanized Approach

What sets Hidayat un Nahw piecemeal is its humanized approach to tutoring Arabic alphabet. Shaykh Siraj- ud- Din Ali Khan’s deep pedagogical sapience is apparent throughout the textbook. The explanations are clear, terse, and presented in a manner that respects the cognitive processes of learners. This humanized tone fosters a sense of connection with the author and makes the literacy trip engaging and relatable.


Hidayat un Nahw, with its time- tested wisdom and stoner-friendly approach, stands as a lamp of knowledge in the realm of Arabic alphabet. Whether you’re a pupil, a language sucker, or someone looking to consolidate their understanding of the Arabic language, this comprehensive companion is your key to unleashing the beauty and complications of Arabic alphabet. Embrace Hidayat un Nahw, and embark on a satisfying trip towards learning one of the world’s most fascinating languages.

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